Strange DEVMODE problem when printing from IE

Hi all,

We have a problem with our custom printer driver when printing from Internet
Explorer 6.0 (potential others) under Windows 2000 Wkst.

When choosing print from the file menu, and setting printer options before
print, the driver does not receive the newly correct DEVMODE struct from the
spooler. We have build our own User Interface DLL, and we know that the
setup dialog is called, and the Options are set correctly in the DEVMODE
that is returned to the spooler. However the DEVMODE structure which the
Print Monitor and Graphics DLL receive from the spooler, is initialised to
the standard settings, and does not include the Changes done via the
Settings Dialog in IE. This also happens when printing HTML mails from
When printing from other applications or plain text mail from Outlook this
problem does not occur, the DEVMODE includes the correct settings from the
Setup Dialog.

We are bewildered why this happens, especially because other printer driver
do not seem to have that problem.

Our driver consists of a UI DLL, Graphics DLL, Port Monitor and Print
Processor. And is developed as an NT4 Driver.

Is there any out there who fumbles in the same dark, or even can shed light
on this mystery?

Best regards,
Christoph Lindemann

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