still seeing old debug messages till reboot

I am inserting a pcie driver with Pnp and first time i insert i see the log
messages in Windbg for the driver. If i make some change, remove and
reinsert the driver i see log message of the old driver without any of my
changes. I suspect the inf file is using some stale copy of driver. My Inf
file is coping at \system32\drivers. I even deleted from all locations where
i found copy of my driver and reinserted still it shows the old logs without
changes i did. When i reboot the system i see log corresponding to my
changes. Any hints on whats going wrong shall re very useful

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Hi Ashish,

I also suspect that the inf is installing the older driver or is using the old sys file. Are you doing a proper uninstall before installing the driver again ?? Also does you source file show your updated changes in code ?? I suggest you check the timestamps of the sys file before starting the file. Also use the “.reload” command to reload your modules and symbols to current driver. Hope this helps.