Sometime I see opens for server\share\some\file\name...

Most of the time I see that SrvOpen->pAlreadyPrefixedName
is of the form ‘some\file\name’

However, occasionaly, I see opens come through for

I’m not sure if this is expected or some anomoly… I
saw this, for example, running ‘Windows HCT 11.2.msi’
to install the HCT over my redirector.

In this case I see a QueryDirectoryInformation
looking for ‘hct 11.2/HCT’ (the containing directory), then
QueryDirectoryInformation looking for
‘hct 11.2/HCT/Windows HCT 11.2.msi’, then an open for
‘hct 11.2/HCT/Windows HCT 11.2.msi’, several QueryFileInfo
requests, and then a QueryDirectoryInformation for
‘nulsvr/share/hct 11.2/HCT/Windows HCT 11.2.msi’ (which
fails) and then a file open attempt for
‘nulsvr/share/hct 11.2/HCT/Windows HCT 11.2.msi’ (which
also fails.)

Then windows installer pops up a message that says:

‘This installation package could not be opened. Contact the
application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows
Installer package’

Am I missing something that tells me that the server and share
name are prepended to the open?