smbmrx and nulmrx

for now our task is to write a mini-redirector that will fake a list
of files when you mount a share like: \specialServer\share1

we had installed the DDK for win-xp-sp2(that is for some reason
comming from Vista DDK) and were trying to hack around the smbmrx and
nulmrx samples provided by the DDK.

when we load the nulmrx as described in the readme from the sample it
does nothing, we had following the error and found that the error
mreans - the driver is not loaded.

when we load the smbmrx we have a constant system crash when we try
to mount the share.

In both samples the “makefile” has some lines that stand to the idea
that the samples are Vista oriented only, while the DDK itself states
that it can be used on XP too -
something is not right here. To make the samples compile and run on
XP we had to comment out the lines that block the compilation on XP
and 2000.

how to make these samples work ?
does anybody have an working sample of a mini-redirector for XP that
fakes a list of file - this will be enough to help us get started.