Removable Storage Device Access from WinXP.

Hi All,

Trying to include support for Reading/Writing/Controlling “Removable
Storage Device” (CD/DVD R or RW) for our product under Win XP

Tried with various devices CD & DVD from various vendors HP,Samsung.

Expected that the WinAPIs like CreateFile, ReadFile, WriteFile,
DeviceIoControl (for IOCTL_STORAGE_XXX Ioctls) and CRT fns like Open,
read, write, fopen, fprintf, etc SHOULD work in ANY device/Disk from ANY

Of cource, for this only, MS has defined Win APIs.

But, NOTHING works.

Ideally, from “Windows Explorer” we MUST be able to read/write files
into any Disk. But, it doesn’t happen.

If ReadFile & WriteFile works (from our code), then DeviceIoControl (for
IOCTL_STORAGE_XXX Ioctls)does NOT work.
If DevIoCtrl works, then Reading & writing does NOT work.

I want all to work.

Whats the problem ?

My understanding abt WinAPIs or expecting too much compatibility or
something else ???