Ref: Installation files problem

I am trying to make installation files for MultiOS.
I am trying to create directories for different OS on
the removable disk to be used for installation.

I have a txtsetup.oem and oemsetup.inf file in the
(a:)root and one directory x86 containing the
mydriver.sys file.
a:\ contains
[x86] containing mydriver.sys

I plan to use the same installation file for the Fresh
installation(F6) and update driver for my adapter.

But unfortunately, the package is only working for the
Fresh installation. For the update driver, it prompts
me for the disk.

I am writing the main points for my installation

txtsetup.oem --------->

disk32 = “SCSI Driver for x86”,\x86\mydriver.sys,\
IA32 = “SCSI Driver for x86”, \x86\mraid35x.sys, \x86

driver = IA32, mydriver.sys, mydriver
inf = disk32, oemsetup.inf, mydriver
catalog = disk32,

oemsetup.inf ------->

1 = %SOURCE_DISK%,\x86\mydriver.sys,

mydriver.SYS = 1,11136,


I believe i should add
1 = %SOURCE_DISK%,\x86\mydriver.sys,\x86
to make it work for the update driver.

If I do this, then Fresh installation (F6) doesnt work
as it prompts like
C:\Windows\Oemdir\x86 during the second phase of
installation.I checked that the driver is copied at

I believe I must be missing something.

Any help would be appreciated.
If my explanation is not clear, I can write a detail

Thanks in Advance,

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