Re: why Error in Windows Libraries when i build ? wrote:

my build Succeed with implemetn the IP helper in another function . But when i installing my filter driver , it is not installing .

I know you’re trying to explain your situation, and I know English is
not your first language, but I’m having a really hard time figuring out
what you are doing.

Exactly what kind of driver are you writing?
What do you plan to have the driver do?
Did you start from a sample somewhere?
Exactly how did you install it? Which tools, what options?

GetAdaptersInfo doesn’t install drivers, so your message that talks
about installation is confusing me.

in Filter.cpp :

//calling a function

add interface ()
status = Interface::mb_adapter_address();

and in another file interface i am implementing this function

Interface.cpp :

OK, but none of that code is in a driver. GetAdaptersInfo is a
user-mode API. It cannot be called from a driver. Is this in your test

Tim Roberts,
Providenza & Boekelheide, Inc.

sorry for my bad English . of course English is not my first language . ok i am explain my situation and my concept .

i have a filter driver which bind the filter medium . So the filter is adding different interfaces (Ethernet ,wifi ,Bluetooth etc ) with valid ip address , subnet mask and gateway from registry .

RtlInitUnicodeString(&Prefix, L"\REGISTRY\Machine\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\TcpIp\Parameters\Interfaces\");

So in my case Ethernet and Wifi working pretty well .But i want to add Mobile broadband (Dongle) . At that time i didn’t see IPAddress value in registry . So right now i want to take the Ip address , gateway and subnet mask using some IP Helper Function .

For that i am writing that GetAdaptersInfo function :

Is it any other Solution for this problem ?