Re: why can't I write to pci2250 pci-pci bridge's configuration space?

>But I must write the common configuration space of the PCI bridge.

you know, I am working with a TI pci2250 pci-pci bridge, which supports
hot-swap compact-pci under NT.

I remember being part of a discussion here on NTDEV back in about 2000 on
how to do this “correctly”. It seemed like the conclusion was you needed to
“capture” all the processors at a high IRQL and then get one of them to
directly access the PCI config space I/O ports. These ports are basically
an address and data port and the problem is how to set the address and
ASSURE you read/write the data port without someone changing the address
port behind your back. The spinlock that synchronizes this in the OS is not
exported to drivers.

I’d suggest you hunt down the discussion from back then. I know I was
talking about it in the context of a CardBus bridge.

  • Jan