Re: Which is the best way to implement Driver managed Queues ?

“Deevi, Srinivasa” wrote in message
> Hi Peter
> "You may only use it while you own the IRP in your driver. "
> Does this mean when the IRP reaches our driver layer , even though our
> driver does not create the IRP ?

Yes. You “own” the IRP while control of it rests withn your driver.

> Is there anyway , some driver could be using Tail.Overlay.ListEntry
> and still passing down to next level layer ? Any example ?

No. This would be a major design error in the driver that’s above you.

Again, Tail.Overlay.ListEntry is available for your driver’s use while your
driver owns the IRP. This is from the time the drive receives the IRP in
its dispatch (or fast I/O) routine, to the point where the driver passes
ownership of the IRP (a) to another driver via IoCallDirver, or (b) back to
the I/O Manager via a call to IoCompleteRequest.