RE: starting/stopping PCI drivers

Actually the driver version info is only used for display purposes only
(e.g. it shows up in device manager). It doesn’t come into play when
Windows 2000 determines whether or not to use a newer driver. The date
field is used but only when the driver is signed.

But the procedure you outlined below should clear out the old driver so
the new one can be installed during installation testing. Also be sure
to clean out any registry keys your driver may have created. And you
should always do some testing on clean machines before releasing your

Stephen, I went back and read the beginning of this thread and see that
you’re not doing installation testing (yet). It appears that you just
want to be able to load a new version of your driver. If this is true,
then you should be able to simply right click on your device in device
manager and select disable. If you have implemented plug and play (in
this case the remove IRP), then your driver should be unloaded and you
can copy over a new binary over the old one. You should also see a msg
in the debugger saying your driver has been unloaded.

After you’ve copied over a new binary, simply enable your device in
device manager and your new driver will be loaded.

Sandy Spinrad
Device Driver Evangelist
Microsoft Corporation

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It’s been cached away, in %system root%\Driver Cache
Two tips:
Always delete the *.inf and *.pnf files of the Oem*.* files from %system
root%\inf directory.
Use the version information in your inf file so that NT can tell that
it’s a
more recent version of the driver when you come to re-install.
I typically do the delete followed by an “update driver” via device
It will take care of all the unloading/loading for you as long as it’s
devices are not opened by any processes.


Paul Bunn,, 425-644-6000
Microsoft MVP - WindowsNT/2000

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Nah, you haven’t missed anything. Net stop will stop your driver but
net start won’t do much for a pnp-enumerated driver as it doesn’t
enumerate anything.

I’m finding that it’s worse then I thought. I replace the .sys and
and it’s still using the old .sys (which doesn’t exist anywhere on the
filesystem, that I can find) and if I try to reinstall it with the .inf
file (right click and “install”) it quietly does nothing.

So NT is quietly squirreling away a copy of my .sys somewhere I know not
where and playing with my already embattled mind. I am curious to know
what is really going on here.

So why is it that I am unable to uninstall this thing? What is the
little incantation that I’m missing?

(And why is is that I, after writing drivers for various systems for the
past 10 years, feel so stupid and helpless? I *really* miss

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