Re: ReadFile \ Write File [Failed LBA ???]

Class driver is involved in both. When you open the PhysicalDrive link,
you get Partition0, while driver letters give you PartitionN, N > 0.
Partition0 represents the entire physical disk, while drive letters
represent individual partitions.

Dave Cox
Hewlett-Packard Co.
HPSO/SSMO (Santa Barbara)

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Thanks all for the reply.

I have one more small(trivial) doubt. I am opening the device IDE HDD using
the PhysicalDrive number …

HANDLE hDrive = CreateFile( \.\PhysicalDriveN,…

and NOT using the Drive letter say like
HANDLE hDrive = CreateFile( \.\D:,…

Will this have any impact?

In the second case(involving Drive Letter),i guess the class driver is
involved, but what abt the first case.
Will the class driver get involved here too?

Since it is a HDD, may be the Disk Class driver may get
involved in both cases …right?

Thanks again

Subject: Re: ReadFile \ Write File [Failed LBA ???]


Yes, you can use SCSI pass-thru for ATA/ATAPI devices too. Class driver will
translate SCSI command set to ATA/ATAPI command set.

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