RE: Re: Re[3]: [ReX] Meta-questions about the list

Thanks for not distributing this utility. Downloading the entire list database via NNTP (or anything for that matter) consumes vast amounts of bandwidth and CPU and slows the lists down to a crawl. Remember that discussion we had a few months ago about the lists being slow? The only reason that anyone can download the entire list currently this is that we haven’t figured out how to disable the ability to do it. But we ARE working on it.

What we’d really like to do is provide whatever searching facilities the community needs, so that you don’t NEED or even WANT to download the complete archive.

To the point of searching the web site and both lists simultaneously: We’ll look at adding this, if you guys say it’d be helpful. But I can’t help ask: Is it so hard to do 3 separate searches in the (somewhat rare) case when you’re looking for something that could appear in all 3 places? Also, consider the large number of results you’d get…