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Give me SourceSafe branching (drag and drop) and uniform view for all users
any day over completely retarded Perforce branching (some dark voodoo I
haven’t mastered yet)

Maybe time to RTFM? :wink: Actually, p4 branching is simple, straightforward and reasonable. We also switched from SourceSafe to p4 years ago and it was necessary to learn how to use p4 efficiently and why are some “simple” SS techniques dangerous (link for example). Fortunately, p4 has very good docs. I recommend whitepapers section, there is document about best practices.

SS and other simple VCSs are good for single developers and maybe a very small teams. P4 is great for small teams to big ones, very good and efficient once you learn it. I’d never return to anything “simpler”; I even use my dedicated depot purely for my own software not shared with anybody.

and “every user has to maintain client specs and keep
them in sync with everybody else, and screw you if yours is not the latest”
approach of P4.

Eh? Using p4 for about 10 years (don’t remember exactly) and never had such a problem. I can image it if you overuse or misuse views but the default one is just whole depot. An ability to maintain own view is the advantage, not disadvantage. In the simplest case it can be used to filter the default view. If you need to filter access to parts of the depot, there are admin commands and access rights.


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