RE: Property Page DLL in registry won't change. When does one change the .inf class GUID?

What is happening is that the class registry info is written only the
first time a device of that class is installed (ie the first time the OS
sees that new device class). Are you having these problems on a fresh
installed system where your test DLL has never been installed before?

Also, are you sure you want to have the property page for the entire
class? You can also install a property page on each individual device
(it ends up being in
HKLM/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/(CLASSGUID)/). The per instance
value is written everytime a device is installed (no matter the device


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one change the .inf class GUID?

I see these heavy duty threads going on about interrupt priority and
filters and I feel like a little kid crying “Let me play! Let me
play! You never let me play!”

Be that as it may. I am trying to get a property page up and going and
thought that I did. But I can’t seem to get rid of my test dll for the
property page provider. I have a line in my .inf file that reads:
It used to read:

However, when I install it, my old “TestDevPropSheet.dll” seems to
get loaded. I have uninstalled the driver, deleted the corresponding
oem*.inf files and everything else I could think of. But it still wants
grab that test dll. I then looked in the registry for it, and it’s in
there under HKLM/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/(CLASSGUID). But I don’t know

why it’s not getting overwritten when I load the device driver again
the .inf file with the DevPropSheet.dll (without the Test). The GUID
corresponds to that in the [Version] section key = ClassGUID. Which
up another question that is probably at the root. When should one
the Class GUID? And where does one find information about that GUID? I

tried the Win2k DDK, but if it’s there then I’m not finding it.

Thanks for any help,

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