Re: POWRPROF.DLL and user's power scheme settings API

Hi Adel

is it possible to apply new power scheme using compilation of HKCU power
I know that it have to reboot after compilation of the registry. isn’t it?
Hmm. If it use undocumented API for setting the scheme without rebooting,
I hope the API to solve my problem.
Could you give me more infomation?


I needed to turn off AC/docked mode hibernation for laptops without
bothering users to touch Control Panel’s power button and leaving
all other customized settings in place. I made it possible by calling
undocumented API from POWRPROF.DLL, because propagating registry
settings for user didn’t help much. HKLM part of power scheme is a
compillation of HKCU power scheme values, and the translation of
one to another is not trivial. I used disassembler (IDA) and debugger
(SoftICE) to reverse.

Is there anyone who can share the knowledge about buffer structure,
I can share what I know, so to see that it’s the same.

thanks a lot!


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