Re: Philosophical Rant [was Re: Writing Drivers in Ja va]

** Reply to message from “Peter Viscarola” on Mon, 29 Apr
2002 13:21:35 -0400

> So… my thesis is: Instead of trying to change the behavior - which
> requires changing an entire industry - why not just change the consequence
> of bad behavior to make it less severe? This requires making the change in
> 1 place (the O/S) instead of trying to police every single driver.
> That’s not just good sense?

I think that’s great sense. I also think that much of the blame for this
situation lies at the feet of Microsoft for underdocumenting (albeit getting
better) and overengineering the environment in which our drivers operate.
Issues like power management and device installation are ridiculously
overcomplicated. The system has more flexibility and power than its
competitors, but few drivers really need that, and it makes certain things a
couple orders of magnitude more difficult than they need to be.


Chris Myers
Senior Project Engineer
Quatech, Inc.