Re: [NTDEV] WinDbg

  1. Ensure that WinDbg works on assembly level. I.e. BOOT.INI on the
    target, null modem and WinDbg’s command line.
  2. Put your .SYS and .PDB files to some directory. Put the .DBG and
    .PDB files for kernel, HAL and other interesting MS’s kmode modules to
    the same directory. The latter ones can be obtained on Customer
    Support Diagnostics CD or together with Service Pack.
  3. Set this directory as symbol directory in WinDbg’s command line.
  4. Run WinDbg.
  5. Execute
    x yourdriver!*
    Be sure all symbols are printed.
  6. After this, you will be able to open the source files and set
    breakpoints there.

Due to some cause, WinDbg is very, very slow while setting the very
first breakpoint. Seconds of doing nothing. I suspect it tries to
contact the Symbol Server.


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> hi all,
> I am working on a Scsi miniport driver.I have always been using
> softice for Debugging purposes. I need to use WinDbg for my
Debugging. I
> need to understand how to do a code level Debugging using WinDbg.
> someone direct me to a text which can be of help to me. Windows DDK
is one
> place i know but it is not in enough details.
> thanks
> ajitabh
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