Re: [NTDEV]: ACPI support problem

Same CPU???.. :)))

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Hi all,

Me and my boss both have almost identical computers: same
motherboards, same chipsets, same floppies and hard-drives, same
memory DIMMs but slightly different size (128 and 192 MB), same
keyboards and mice, but I have a CD-ROM and my boss have a DVD-ROM.
The latter is the only difference. But my boss have Windows 2k with
ACPI enabled, and I don’t. I forgot to say that we have same BIOSes.
Can anybody give me a clue??? Why can’t I enable ACPI support on my
machine??? I forcedly changed Standard PC to PC with ACPI support in
Windows 2k Device Manager, but after reboot I received a BSOD with
error code ACPI_BIOS_ERROR (0x000000A5)… Strange, but in Windows 98
my computer supports an ACPI stuff and passes ACPI Hardware
Compatibility Tests.

All recommendations will be highly appreciated :))

Thanks beforehand,
Konstantin Manurin (aka NizeG)

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