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there is a solution: It is a patch
which allows to boot wME to real mode DOS and use both autoexec.bat and
config.sys. I’m using it and haven’t noticed any problem. (oh, SoftICE
doesn’t want to start standard way but setver to 7.1 helps it :).

Unfortunately, there is no way how to exit windows back to DOS which speeds
up windows “rebooting” and I use it for all other w9x versions. M$
removed the vmm code for return to real mode so there is no easy
way for a patch.

BTW, think seriously about better OS. IMHO the most friendly environment for
NT/w2k driver development is NT4, it is much more stable than any w9x
version and is faster on the same hardware (no 16 bit code, no system wide
mutex etc.) On the other hand, w2k is bloated (double memory) and a bit

Best regards,

Michal Vodicka
(RKK - Skytale)
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> Subject: [ntdev] More on IDE and build.bat, and Windows Mediocre
> Edition
> I have been building NT drivers by calling a batch file from the IDE for
> years. In fact, I have mostly built NT drivers under Win98SE (gasp!) using
> this method. I have never had a problem using Win98. I simply set up all
> the proper environment variables in my batch file, and as far as I could
> tell, build.exe was none the wiser. To be fair, the release build was
> always built “properly,” so my little indiscretion never affected the
> actual
> binaries sent to the customer.
> This week I bought a new system. It came with lots of memory, a fast
> processor, and a rather ugly black and silver case. Inside was lurking
> Windows ME. No problem, I thought, I’ll just keep using my batch file
> called from the IDE to build my NT drivers. Wrooooong.
> Millennium Edition has 256 bytes of environment space allocated for a
> batch
> file. 256 BYTES. Now, I don’t know about you, but by the time you get
> everything set up for a driver build, 256 bytes does not go very far.
> Easy - just add:
> shell=c:\ /e:4096 /p
> To config.sys. Wrong again. ME does not use config.sys.
> So I check the knowledge base:
> It says, either put your environment variable in your autoexec.bat, or
> create a shortcut to your batch file in which you set the environment
> size.
> Well, you can’t call setenv.bat from autoexec.bat. It gets removed
> automatically by ME. And I could not figure out how to the IDE to use the
> shortcut settings rather than directly calling the batch file.
> Ok. No problem. I created a second batch file containing:
> c:\windows\ /e:4096 /c runbuild.bat %1
> And call that batch file from the IDE. Great! Cool! I get a compile!
> And
> maybe four or five before I run out of system memory. Turns out, every
> time
> I execute, I get another copy of winoldap in my task manager list. I have
> to keep going in and killing them to keep working. Not an acceptable
> solution.
> Gotta love this progress…
> Now, most of you are saying, “Just upgrade to Win2K.” I really am not
> enthusiastic about spending another $150.00 to $200.00 USD on top of just
> buying MSVC 6 and MSDN. Not for something this minor. Plus, I don’t know
> which of the applications and devices I have will work with Win2K after an
> upgrade. I spent almost a week getting ME set up to my satisfaction. I
> would rather just set up my batch file to be called from the IDE and go on
> with life.
> Anyone have any ideas? I don’t have any cherry bombs, so that idea is
> out…
> Thank,
> Evan Hillman
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