re MDF 1.1 Isochronous Transfer

Man there is something about your messages, when combined with outlook
and my responding that the ntdev listserv does not like . . . resending
again . . .

The fix went into v1.5 just recently, so the 5456 WDK will not have the
fix in it. There are no samples demonstrating ISO transfers b/c ISO
endpoints are not very common in USB devices anymore since usb 2.0 bus
speeds + BULK can do the same job w/out lossy data. You just need to
setup the ISO URB buffer appropriately and then call the KMDF DDIs I
mentioned to get a transfer sent.


– I can spell, I just can’t type.

I am using the web interface to talk to this list, maybe that is the problem… I just cancelled the download since 5456 doesn’t have the update. Thanks for the update…