Re: How to read/write arbitrary io port and memroy ad-dress in 98/NT?

Hello Friends, This is an addendum my first mail " How to create Extended
The first sector of the disk contain the Parttion table (Offset 01BE h )
onwards and has 64 bytes space for the four Primary
partition entry out of which one can be Extended partion containing as many
as drive letter limit allows number of logical drive. My question where is
the information of these logical drives is present. Because each logical
drive require all the fields that are present in a primary partition and
there is no space for the partition table in the first sector itself. So
where is the partition information of the logical drive(These are the
logical partitions within the extended parttion).

Nb. For those who are confused with the terms, primary partition, extended
partition and logical drives please look in the "Logical Organization:
Partitions and Volumes
" in the MSDN.

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How to read/write arbitrary (0 - 0xFFFF) io port in 98/NT?


How to read/write arbitrary (0 - 4G) physical memroy in 98/NT?

Try MmMapIoSpace. Maybe this will help.


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