RE: Help: SCSI Miniport with WMI causes SCSIPORT to crash!!

You have to be aware that the folks from storagecraft sell a scsiport replacement, so they are a bit
biased on the subject of what the supplied scsiport can or cannot do. The problem with virtual adapters
and scsiport is indeed very real, and can only be resolved correctly with a scsiport replacement, but it
is a performance problem. The problems recently described here are not performance related, but are
instead functional problems with either emulating disk targets or supporting WMI.

The storagecraft folks should preface their remarks by making their bias obvious. If Tony and Peter hawked
their toolkits for filesystems every time they posted on filesystem related subjects, or if Walter
insisted that buying his book was the only reasonable course of action for all WDM related problems, or if
my every post contained the suggestion that hiring me out would solve all your problems, that would be
obnoxious, no?

All of which is no big deal. I considered not posting this as it will probably get misinterpreted. There
is a fine line between acceptable use and brazen commercialization of this email list. I’m not sure it has
even been crossed here, I just felt uncomfortable reading the responses from Max and Jamey. Anyway, happy
new year everyone!

Mark Roddy
Consultant, Microsoft DDK MVP
Hollis Technology Solutions

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> Jamey,
> I ran though the archives but couldn’t find any info that might suggest
> a
> reason for the crash that I am experiencing. There is a lot of
> discussion
> what you need to do in order to make SCSIPORT call the FindAdapter in
> ur
> miniport and various performance hits due to timers. However this is
> not
> really an issue in my case. I have a working virtual minport that
> serves
> me just fine.
> But now that I have decided to enhance my miniport with WMI support, I
> see
> this problem. Is it anyway related to my miniport being a virtual
> miniport? If yes, how?
> Thanks for the reply!
> -Bandeep
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