RE: Driver verfier fails on Win2k3 build 3790 Service Pac k 1.1421

I am sorry for the incomplete information. I am a SCSIMiniport driver. The
the DMA models that you are talking about here does not apply to me. Also
that mine is a IDE RAID controller so i have to explicitly flush the cache.
I do prepare the SG list for DMA but i think that since i am a miniport
driver any of this applies to me.


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Saxena, Ajitabh Prakash wrote:

* * * * * * * * HAL Verifier Detected Violation * * * * * * * *

* * VF: Driver did not flush adapter buffers – bytes mapped: 10000 (0

Please advise me so that I can debug it in correct direction.

Sounds to me like you’re not calling
DmaAdapter->DmaOperations->FlushAdapterBuffers(…) after you’ve
completed your DMA transfer.

You don’t say which DMA model you’re using. If you’re using classic
model (that is, calling ->MapTransfer) (a) you should consider changing
it, and (b) you’ll need to call ->FlushAdapterBuffers after your DMA
operation completes. That’d be my best guess as to what’s going on.

If you’re using the NEW DMA model (calling ->GetScatterGatherList, which
I highly recommend) then the ONLY thing I can think of is that you’re
not calling ->PutScatterGatherList. But I think you’d have bigger
troubles than a small error in Verifier if this were so.

Is that enough help? Or can you provide us more details??


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