RE: DMA problems w/ WDM driver for non-PNP ISA card on W2K


Now I may be missing something, but I’ve reviewed the documentation and
still am up in the air. What I understand is that when you have a non-PNP
ISA card, it gets enumenrated by the root enumerator. Therefore how is it
possible for the the call to IoGetDeviceProperty /
DevicePropertyLegacyBusType succeed? The device is definitely on the ISA
bus, but the root enumerator doesn’t know this - How do I attach myself to
the PDO for the ISA bus - Without doing this I cannot see how the call
to IoGetDmaAdapter can succeed… I’ve searched the DDK for a suitable
call/s but the only mention I find to busses is in the “wdmguid.h” file, but
the documentation to this seems sketchy. This may be very obvious, but I’m
missing it…

Thanx in advance.


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One need not call “AddDevice()” specifically as far as I know. And for
specific point of “attaching to a particular bus”, I guess the DDK 2K
explains interfaces to the lower device to which you can “attach” your
driver. Search for the DDK interfaces for a suitable call.

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