Re: Debugging a driver at boot time using nt pc in deubg mode and a terminal program

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> Phil Barila wrote:
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> >
> >>Hi all,
> >>Normally when you debug the load up sequence of a windows 2k PC you must
> >>have two NT PC running which are connected via serial link.
> >>
> >>Is it possible to have one NT PC running in debug mode hosting the
> >>being debugged , with the debug messages being sent via the serial link
> >
> > a
> >
> >>terminal program ?
> >>
> >>The terminal program would be hosted on a win 98 PC
> >
> >
> > Now why would you be so married to Win 98 that you would want to make
> > life so difficult? If you have the hardware, what is keeping you from
> > W2K or even XP on your debugger host?
> Well, possibly he doesn’t have the hardware. FWIW, WinDbg runs on my
> Win98 laptop just fine. Very handy for those situations when you just
> can’t carry a mini-tower along with you.
> The “terminal program” idea won’t work too well, though. Use WinDbg.
> Just copy it from the DDK bin directory on your target.

He says he wants to run a two-system setup. He obviously has some
hardware. Who said anything about a mini-tower? Windows XP (and 2000, for
that matter) runs on laptops quite nicely.

Honestly, I just don’t understand why anyone would willingly choose to run a
9x flavor of Windows when any alternative is available.


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