RE: Can somebody help me with NPLogonNotify() ??? Creden tial Manager ...

Make sure that you register as a Credential Manager as well as a Network
Provider. To do this,

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services<network>provider name>\NetworkProvider\Class

should have the WN_CREDENTIAL_CLASS bit set as well as the WN_NETWORK_CLASS

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Currently I am working on customizing the
authentication DLL, GinaDLL.
I have customized GinaDLL to the point where the user
account gets created on the local machine and the user
gets authenticated against the LDAP server where all
the accounts are stored.

Now along with logging onto the Windows XP
workstation, the students would also log on the Novell
server by using the Novell client.

Now, at boot time MPR calls all the network providers
in order as specified in the registry and logs onto
the workstation.

To bypass novell client dialog box, what I am trying
to do is pass the novell username and password through
the MPR so that novell client dialog box doesnt come
up asking again for the novell username and password.

So I am making use of NPLogonNotify() function in my
network provider which supports credential manager

But somehow the function NPLogonNotify() function
doesn’t get called.

The network provider dll gets loaded but
NPLogonNotify() function doesnt get called.

Can anybody help me in this matter ???



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