RE: AW: Re: [changed to] Why stability is secondary to so- me c ompanies

Hmmm … Perhaps a clarification needs to be made here.

First, any shortcut or end-run that de-stabilizes a system is bad
engineering and should not be tolerated by the engineer responsible for it,
whether hardware or software. However, coloring outside the lines does not
necessarily a bad driver make. That’s where experience, expertise, and
testing testing testing testing testing and more testing come to play.

Second, the device drivers I provide are typically proprietary and usually
go into dedicated boxes for a specific purpose; e.g. transferring real time
information requiring megabyte size blocks at 100+ MBps. It happens to be
fibrechannel and yes a standard SCSI driver would probably work, but it
would not provide the performance required to meet the customer’s demands.
Otherwise they would not be using it and not paying us to provide that
performance. Iometer max’s a QLogic Fibre channel/SCIS interface using 4
HDD’s at about 85 MBps. My drivers can exceed 102 MBps, and will be even
faster with the next generation of the hardware.

Do I care if Doom or any other game runs on the box? Do I care if Word or
Office has problems? Absolutely not, but this machine is there for the FC
interface and not to be used for other compute/memory intensive
applications. Will the drivers run in less than 128 Meg? Nope, and 256 is

Gary G. Little
Staff Engineer
Broadband Storage, Inc.

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