Re[2]: How to test simple or relative rename operation ?

> Write a program that calls NtSetInformationFile or

SetFileInformationByHandle and fill in the FILE_RENAME_INFORMATION as

You can use my FileTest tool to fire a single rename.


i’ve tried your tool ,but as before,i only got the the fully qualified rename.
anyway ,thanks a lot,

Try doing it from the command line.

C:\foo> ren a\bar.txt b\

My recollection is that this will trigger a relative rename.


Thanks Tony ,
I tried it ,but the message shows that the parameters inputted are error.
because i am using a japanese language OS,the message is just probably the meaning.

Ladislav,I have seen your message in another thread
"=?iso-8859-2?Q?Re:_RE:[ntfsd]_Re[2]:How_to_test_simple_or_relative_rename_operation=3F?= "

There are two ways to fire rename operation. By calling “MoveFile”, or by
calling NtSetInformationFile. Are you sure you did the latter?
yes i have tried both.but i olny got the fully qualified rename.

According to Maxim’s suggestion,i tried SMB Share,it works.,thanks everyone for help

i tried it ,but got the Fully Qualified Rename as before.

yes,i works .through an SMB share i have got the simple rename and the relative rename.
thanks a lot.