Purchase of USB CDC ACM driver

My company developing a hardware (a kind of USB modem) and we want to stop using the usbser.sys like we do right now, because of some minor things we don’t like with it.
First we where looking around here to see if for any suggestion how to develop our own driver. But after reading about it here (and a lot of other places) we realized that it will not be wort for us to spend time and money to develop it by ourself.
So we are looking to purchase drivers for distribution with our device.

We need a driver working for XP, Vista and 7 (both 32 and 64 bits OS). And our device is a Usb modem of CDC class and subclass ACM. So we wants a “Virtual COM-port” driver with support for CDC/ACM.

We have looked around a bit and found the following two drivers:

Both seems to fit for or device. I just want to here if someone else has any suggestions where to look for this kind of drivers? Or if someone has tried theese drivers and have anything to say about them?

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