PNPD Test fails with RNDIS driver on XP

Hi All,

I have a RNDIS/USB device with Windows XP as the host side machine. So, I am using RNDIS driver from microsoft (binary already exists in system32/drivers) by customising the INF file (without binary copy).

When I run PnpdRemoveTest, the device receives REMOTE_NDIS_HALT_MSG and a few more RNDIS control packets,. But there is no further control transmission from host side on usb bus (verified with usb analyser). Here the issue is, the PnpdRemoveTest is not getting completed even after long time and looks like waiting for something.

Can someone help me in identifying why pnpdtest behaves like this? Could this be an issue with device side or host side driver?

Also, do we need to do any special thing in device side when we receive REMOTE_NDIS_HALT_MSG control msg like resetting the hardware registers and initiating the enumeration process again etc?

Since I am new to windows DDK and host side RNDIS driver source code is not available, debugging this makes things miserable. Can someone pointout me where I can find out the RNDIS driver source code as its binary comes along with windows installation?

Thanks for all the helps & advice.