Parallel port - Raw device usage in Win2k/XP

I’ve been attempting to write a simple parallel port control application
without writing a kernel filter driver on top of the system-supplied
drivers from Microsoft.

According to the DDK documentation, the system-supplied parallel port
drivers can be used by a user-mode application to control a raw device.

Right now, I have a user-mode kernel driver that puts the parallel port
into ECP mode, and then uses READ/WRITE_PORT_USHORT to perform some IO
operations. I want to convert this to use the Microsoft driver.

Can anyone provide some insight into how to convert this over to the new
system-supplied drivers?? This is becoming very frustrating…the DDK
seems to indicate this is possible to do from user mode, but any specifics
of reading and writing are vague - *especially* concerning user mode
control of the port (without using the *INTERNAL* IOCTL calls). I can
successfully call CreateFile to open LPT1, but then the war begins…

Thanks very much for any insight…


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