OSR SeaIO32 driver installation issue

I want use “OSR SeaIO32 KMDF driver” be my new PCI driver example.
I had try install it, however always gave me code 39 or 37 error. Looking
MS document some “driver Signing” issue. The test application also failed
to open the driver too!.

So I think the “INF” must have some issue too!

But, after the “Toaster” driver installed, then “OSR SeaIO32 KMDF” driver
will load successfully…

So I try again with new Test Target (XP SP3) again. Always need “Toaster”
driver installed once to let OSR SeaIO32 driver work. Even removed the
“Toaster” driver!

I think there must be some “Registry” or Files need to be set for install
OSR SeaIO32 driver to let it work on a “New” test target ?

Any help? what else INF file need do?


It’s hard for me to understand what your exact problem is, so I’ll give you some general help:

a) To install a driver on 64-bit Windows, the driver package needs to be signed… OR you need to have the debugger attached.

b) Don’t forget to copy the coinstaller DLL to the directory where the INF expects to find it.

c) Make sure the co-installer version in the INF file matches the actual version of the co-installer DLL that you’re providing. Note that the FILE NAMES are different, based on the co-installer version.