[ntdev] How to make my scsi miniport virtual disk active without disk management's help?

I think that’s because the virtual disk has not been partitioned yet. you can create an MBR in the first sector of your virtual disk when you create it.

get a sample MBR from a physical disk, copy the first 0x1BE bytes, and append an disk partition table according the size of your virtual disk. Then, write it to the first sector of your virtual disk.

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jason shell дµÀ£º
I have created a virtual disk by writing a scsi miniport driver and a virtual bus driver on winxp. When I “plug in” a HBA (by sending an IOCTL to bus driver), the explore can’t show the disk volume. When I open disk management, I can see the disk in disk management and a disk initialization wizard appears. Following the wizard, I can make my virtual disk work well.
My question is: can I make my virtual disk be initialized without opening disk management? Is there some IOCTLs I can send to make my virtual disk active?

Thanks in advance!

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