nt4 binaries with the xp ddk

I know that building NT4 drivers with the XP DDK is not officially
supported, but has anyone done this? This may seem like a naive question,
but I have a customer who insists on using the same binary for a driver
which (at the moment) doesn’t support PNP. So other than PNP, is there any
other reason not to compile the a binary with the XP DDK which can be used
on NT4, 2K and XP? The driver is not tied to any hardware either…

We have built the driver with the XP DDK and used it under NT4, and so far
the only problem we’ve seen is that the NT4 try/except handling is
different… so far the only reason I can give him for having a different
binary for Win2k/XP vs. NT4 is PNP… are there any other reasons?


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