NdisMRegisterInterrupt and NdisMAssignPciResources routines failing

Hi All…

I am developing an NDIS4.0 miniport driver for windows NT. But, mistakenly our H/W team have made the interrupt pin Register in PCI configuration space to be read-only register. Thus, OS cann’t read the BIOS updated interrupt pin number for the device. Hence, NdisMPciAssignResources() routine is failing in my driver on NT but surprisingly working fine with 2k.

Now, I want to register the interrupt with some other interrupt vector since I can’t make out what is the BIOS assigned interrupt vector. But, when I do this, NdisMRegisterInterrupt() API returning STATUS_FAILURE. Please, can anybody tell me How can I register this interrupt (say interrupt number 9 or 11) for the device?

Note: On Win2k, I got the interrupt number by successfuly calling NdisMAssignPciResources() routine. In case of Win98, this routine failed but I could register my own interrupt by disabling the IRQ steering featue. Can I do something simillar in NT4.o too?

Please, give me all possible suggestions…

Thanks in advance,