NDIS 6.5 CheckConnectivity Test fails

I am testing a NDIS Virtual miniport driver using HCK 8.1 kit.
NDISTest 6.5 - [2 machine] - CheckConnectivity Test is failing with the following log:
Received less than the expected percentage of packets sent.
Error Type: Win32
Error Code: 0x50013
Error Text: The Media is write protected.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

“Received less than the expected percentage of packets sent; in two-machine test.”

This is all what you need to tell your developer.

– pa

We have developed a Virtual Miniport ethernet Driver and we are testing it using HCK Studio for certification. Since it is a virtual Miniport Adapter and is not mapped to any of the physical network cards, all the 2 machine Tests in HCK Studio are failing with an error message that the Test device is not connected to the support device. There is not much of documentation about testing Virtual Adapters anywhere in the MSDN website.
As an alternative, I did the following:
I installed 2 instances of our Virtual Miniport adapter on the client machine.I copied the NDISTest folder from the Server/Tests/(Configuration)/NDIS/NDISTest to the Client Machine. Then I ran the NDTest.bat from NDTest/Bin folder and selected the Test and Support devices to be the 2 instances of the Virtual miniport driver respectively.
All the WHQL Tests are passing in the NDtest environment with the above configuration.

My Questions are:

  1. Are WHQL Tests in Client machine enough for Certification?
  2. How can I do the same selection in the HCK Studio.? ( 2 machine tests need 2 machines- not just 2 cards on the same machine!!)
  3. Is it possible to package the log files in the Client Machine for certification?

Thanks a lot!