Layered file systems vs. CD-ROM emulators

Some time ago, we discussed about layered file systems
here. Tony Mason wrote that OSR’s Data
Modification Kit will be a kind of layered file system.

Could anyone working on such filter tell if (s)he has
problems when running the filter and a software
emulating CD-ROM (Alcohol 120%, Nero drive image,
Daemon Tools) ?

I found that these softwares causes crash immediately
after a CD-ROM image is mounted. This is because the
emulating driver sends IRPs directly to the file system drivers
(skipping filters).

Because layered file systems usually have their own FCBs,
this will lead to access violation in function NtfsDecodeFileObject,
(or FatDecodeFileObject etc) which usually means that the
FCB in the file object is either NULL or has a different structure.

I think there must be more people experiencing the same problem.
And I also think that the emulator driver writers should avoid
sending IRPs directly to the FSD.