Isochronous transfers in WDF

I have been trying to get isochronous communication working with a WDF-based driver. I have bulk working, but I am having a hard time finding any information on getting isochronous communication working. Does anybody know of any good sources of information? The WDF help mentions the word “Isochronous” once.


there is no WDF support for formatting an isoch URB or a continuous reader on an isoch endpoint. you can use the WFDIOTARGET functionality in a WDFUSBPIPE to send your own URB. Allocate a WDFMEMORY that is the appropriate size for your URB, format the request using WdfUsbTargetPipeFormatRequestForUrb() and the send it using WdfRequestSend().


Thank you for the reply. Actually, you have pretty much said everything I understand about this! I am using WdfUsbTargetPipeSendUrbSynchronously to send my URB, but it returns an invalid parameter error. I think the problem is the PipeHandle part of the URb structure. According to MS help, its for a bulk or interrupt pipe. What is this for? What is a bulk or interrupt pipe needed for for doing isochronous transfers?