Is tracelog->tracerpt report only supposed to show wdf01000.sys for a kmdf diver?

I’m trying to profile isr/dpc run time. Following the instructions of the ddk doc all appears well until I look at the tracerpt and it only shows wdf01000.sys and there is no mention of our own driver. Is that behavior correct for kmdf drivers? The victim is running both the regular verifier and the wdfverifier that comes with ddk 6001.

Thanks a bunch.

Steps to reproduce:

Have windbg load mydriver.sys
exec: tracelog -start -f isrtime.etl -dpcisr -UsePerfCounter -b 64
exec: tracelog -q
open hyperterminal and transfer a single character
exec: tracelog -stop
exec tracerpt isrtime.etl -report isrtime.txt -df