installing filesystem minifilter using DifX (DPInst)


I’m trying to install a filesystem minifilter driver using the DifX framework. I tried it both with the DPInst and with “Advanced Installer” which use the DifX framework.

I tried to install all samples that come with the WDK in this method and failed. The get an warning “WARNING:No device Ids found in INF 'C:\WINDOWS\system32\DRVSTORE.…”

When I look for the service key in the registry I see that it is not added. From this I conclude that the DefaultInstall was not running.
We thought that maybe the problem is that the driver is not signed so we did a test certificate for it a tried again (this time without the /LM option for the DPInst); it didn’t work (same error).
We checked the inf using chkinf and the inf have no errors or warning.
We run DPInst only with the /C option in order to get the logs.

I’m realy stuck here and any help is appreciated.

Hi all,
I found my problem.
You have to add the following key to the inf (that doesn’t come in the WDK inf files)
DriverPackageType = ClassFilter
The installation with the DPInst worked fine after that