Information Stor Port driver

Hi all,
I am working on a storport driver and could get it to load. I was just curious to know the folloeing :

1> weather my SCSI miniport’s SGlist logic should work for StorMiniport. I was previously building my own SG list by using ScsiPortGetPhysicalAddress. Should the same code work for Storport driver.
2> My curiousity here is that once i implement BuildIO (just returning true from there) and i was able to compile and link my existing ScsiMiniport driver with StorPort will i be able to do some IO operations. If not then why not?? .

3> Will the Scatter gather list that i build using ScsiPortGetPhysicalAddress will be invalid for StorPort driver. Is it mandatory that i should use the scatter gather list provided to me by stor port driver.

I am actually seeing a blue screen after the inquires from the OS are completed from my miniport driver and i was curious to know why will that happen??

I am atually planning to use full functionality provided by StorPort including the SGList.

Thanks in adavnce,

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