IFSStress in HCT


If anyone is running IFS Stress from HCT, did you pass the IFS
test (simple one)?
I’m getting the following errors:

  • Trying to create \ in the root failed with incorrect code
    (should be access denied, is object name collision). Is the access
    denied the correct for this test?
  • Disk quota. An event should’ve, but has not been, generated,
    when quota was exceeded - NtfsQuotaNotifyRate key was set in the

BTW, I fail open by file ID, without calling the FSD (returning
STATUS_NOT_IMPLEMENTED), so as not to query the file name later, and to
provide the functionality I need to provide (check whether the user is
allowed to perform a file operation before it occurs - not a problem for
Open, but a necessity for Create and Replace). Is there anything that
relies on file ID (not when querying directory entries, as I support
that, but open by file ID), and will not function otherwise?

And, if anyone passed the ACPI Stress, what system did you use?
It seems that it won’t finish on my test systems, because Suspend to RAM
didn’t work. It’s enabled in BIOS, but maybe the voltage wasn’t

Kind regards, Dejan M. www.alfasp.com
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