How to dinamically reserve memory for device's resources?

Hi all,
I’m working with NT 4.
We developed a PCI card. This card has a Qspan PCI bridge. The Qspan has one
memory for registers and two target images to shared memory with the PC.
With an EEPROM in the card, were the images are enabled and there is the
size too, at start up, the system recognize them and reserve memory in the
PCI memory map. This address of memory are saved in the resource descriptor
and utilized later for the device driver in the function
HalTranslateBusAdress. The virtual address returned later for MmMapIoSpace
is saved in the device extension to access images from the PC.
Regrettably, we don’t have EEPROM. The system don’t recongize the existence
of the two images. Then, I haven’t a address to utilize in the
Is there any way my device driver can reserve memory in the PCI memory map
or any other safe place?

Thanks in advance.

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