How to add flags on miniport to get support mobile broadband?

I have a Ethernet miniport vpn application which use NDIS 6.2 version . I want to get support for USB mobile broadband . It’s work fine in RAS type modem connection . But it can’t connect with NDIS type connection . AS per the Microsoft link for mobile broadband support

I changed all configurations . So I can see the adapter on my interface list . But I can’t connect . After that I heard about the NetBufferList changes on that type adapters like Net buffer list (NBL) flags for RAW IP packet processing . So I have Miniport.cpp , filter.cpp file . As per the document , they said like

Windows 7 defines a new media type: NdisMediumWirelessWan. For this media type, NDIS sends raw IP frames directly to the miniport driver and expects raw IP frames to be returned from the miniport driver .

Raw IP frames are the same as Ethernet frames except that the raw IP frame starts with an IP header. It does not contain an Ethernet header in the beginning.

If the application parses network frames passed between NDIS and the miniport driver, then the parsing function should be changed to expect raw IP frames for mobile broadband adapters .

the changes are :

NdisSetNblFlag(pNbl, NDIS_NBL_FLAGS_IS_IPV4);
Value = ConvertToNetworkByteOrder(0x0800);
NET_BUFFER_LIST_INFO(pNbl, NetBufferListFrameType) = Value;

So where should I add these piece of line to get support on mobile broadband ?