How does WDK's 'Driver Signing' node do its job in Visual Studio?

In Visual Studio, with the WDK extension enabled, there are additional nodes shown in the configuration dialog. For example, 'Driver Settings', 'Driver Install', 'Inf2Cat', 'Driver Signing'.

For 'Driver Signing', for 'Command Line', I see the following:

"CN="WDKTestCert AMS,133649022251978313" | 219BA05C988DE06A6F2BE62AA5ABED67C9DB8176" /fd "SHA256"

I don't understand how the first string stands on its own without any option specifier.

If I were to try the same in a command-line build (outside of Visual Studio), what would I need to do to obtain the same output?


Follow-up: If WDK was not available, how would one build a Visual Studio solution using the command-line?

That's probably the "/n" parameter to "signtool sign" for identifying the certificate. I tend to use the /sha1 thumbnail, which is probably that hex string. There are logs in the output directories that show you the exact commands that were executed.

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