Generating multiple PDOs after system reboot

Hello There

I am trying to develop a failover feature in my driver, means in a two
adapter case one adapter is active a time and it fail-overs to the reduntant

The lowest level driver of the adapter is a bus-driver which creats three
PDOs for three different upper level protocols. Everything works fine for
single adapter case.

In multiple adapter scenario, when I install the drivers it perfectly
creates the PDOs and upper layer protocols also can use these PDOs and works
fine. In this case let’s adapter A has been used and apater B is reduntant.
When I restart the system, adapter B comes first (as in case of a Pnp, any
adapter can be intialized first), and the driver creates PDOs for this.

But somehow the system is not able to bind(or use) these PDOs for upper
layer protocols and the Bus Driver is not getting IRP_MN_START_DEVICE so
that the upper layer protocols can be initialized. As a result when I log
on, system shows “New hardware found” dialoge box which it shouldn’t. IfI
give the right path, it works ok but now system has multiple devices(six)
three of them not working are the ones created previously.

I am not able to think what is missing here. or is there a way I can force
the system to initialize the adapters in the same sequence everytime it
boots? Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

  • Bill

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