Fw: WHQL tests specs for NDIS Protocol driver

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Subject: [ntdev] WHQL tests specs for NDIS Protocol driver

> Hi,
> I have recently joined this mailing list.
> I have written a kernel driver for a device connected via LAN to the
> system on which kernel driver is installed.
> Basically driver process the ITDM Frame sent over Ethernet. Its a NDIS
> Protocol Driver.
> I have got certain doubts regarding the WHQL certification of the
> What are the Test Specifications for the NDIS Protocol Driver whose
> device is connected to the Windows OS using Ethernet as connecting bus?
> Is there any Test Specifications exist for device drivers supporting
> in the NDIS Protocol Driver Layer for any 3rd party NICs?
> I have gone through the Microsoft site for WHQL and couldn’t find
> for the certification of driver being used in this kind of scenario.
> Regards,
> Arvind.
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