filter driver VS. file system driver

Hello, I’ve got a question about the limitations of the filter driver

I’m working on a file system design that will likely sit on-top of NTFS.
When a file is opened, the request is to be intercepted and resolved to a
file handle (in user mode) using a database. Then an NTFS file is to be
opened, either on a local node or a network node. So the design will
basically re-route network requests for one file to another, but it will not
include content modification, locking, or anything else that’s file system
specific. The database will maintain the file name = file handle

File writes will utilize a copy-on-modify architecture. The files are
replaced, not modified. Here again the design will simply redirect the file
modify to an NTFS file.

I’m waiting to hear back from OSR regarding the price of their filter driver
kit (anybody know what it is?), and would be interested in learning what can
and cannot be done with it.

This design will basically sit on top of NTFS and present a unified
namespace. Similar in concept to the Andrew file system.

Any info appreciated,

  • josh

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