excessive disk thrash problem - solved

This is just a follow up on a posting I had made a while back. I hope this
can help somebody…

We finally tracked the problem down to a registry setting:



The Compaq install had set the flag to 0x1. The MSDN install sets the flag
to 0x0.

Bill Christie
Link Engineering Company
Plymouth, Michigan, 48170


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Hi all,

Sorry for OT, but I’m hoping someone on this list has seen this phenomena

Env: NT 4.0, sp6

We have a situation where, on some machines, when we try to “minimize” our
application, the app’s caption bar will “gray-out” and the hard disk will
thrash for 5-10 (or more) seconds. On other machines, we can minimize the
app, and it shrinks to the taskbar instantly, as you’d expect. It appears
that Windows is attempting to shrink the working set, as we see the WS
shrink from about 35-40 meg down to ~10 meg when the app is minimized.

I say “on some machines”, because on two different machines with identical
hardware, we can observe the behavior. The “good” machine has an original
Compaq install of NT, and the “bad” machine has a reinstall of NT off the
MSDN disks.

Does this sound like a registry setting issue? Different HAL? What would
the salient differences be between a Compaq factory install of NT, and our
MSDN install?

Thanks for any insight you can provide.

Bill Christie

Link Engineering Company

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