Dynamic Disk

I have one question regarding dynamic disks.

Windows 2000 supports dynamic disks which may be
contained on a hardware raid array. Some hardware RAID
arrays allow you to add more drive space to extend the
RAID array. This adds the new free disk space to the
end of the existing disk. Normally when this is done,
the new drive size is displayed in the Disk Management
tool, and the extra free space appears at the end of
the existing drive.

I am running IOs on the dynamic disk and at the same
time I am adding more drive space to it and making the
RAID level from 1 to 5.
When the disk is added, I am running LDM and giving a
rescan disk.
When the rescan is happening, my IOS are failing and
if I try to rescan again, the dynamic is lost in the
I can see in the miniport driver, none of my
Are there any problems in the Dynamic disks as this
doesnt happen in the basic disk.

Thanks in Advance,

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